Tackle the essence of positive personal impact in leadership, communication, teamwork or purpose in your organisation.

Roxana Kia corporate programmes are structured very differently from those provided by traditional consultants. Instead of long, costly processes, big analysis and reports describing possible action, and the slow implementation of organisational adjustments, the Roxana Kia approach directly motivates, encourages and empowers the individuals responsible for undertaking the required changes.

This means expensive and long-drawn-out personal development processes are no longer needed. Such a people-centric, action-focused approach paves the way to big savings in money, time and resources and helps your organisation achieve results beyond all expectations. Roxana herself mainly works with senior management in the organisation, with carefully selected specialist instructors dealing with specialist subjects and broader-scale implementation of dynamic processes for innovation, organisational change, staff development and personal wellbeing.

Become an outstanding communicator to engage, motivate and move people.

Impact Communicator

Get inspired, challenged and boosted! These speaks are intensive, interactive and real kick in the consciousness.

Impact keynote

Unify your team and organisation around a deeper purpose, direction and culture that takes business to the next level.

Impact Team

Find and establish your leadership WHY to lead with clarity in uncertain times.

Impact Leader

Away-from-it-all time and space to learn to manage and balance your energy to keep vitality high and burn bright without burning out.


Present in a TED-talk format to get people on board, whenever you have a new strategy, a key idea and want to get it honed to perfection, to turn up the impact level and to supercharge your success rate.

Impact like TED

Burn through the screen to engage, motivate and inspire

Impact Virtual

Master your energy. Develop a sustainable approach and do less to achieve more

Impact Energy