For ambitious decision-makers, top performers and other movers-&-shakers

24-hours retreat

Kill off the distractions and put your one and all focus on what really calls upon you – whatever it may be. No fancy theory, just you in the heart of attention, being encouraged, inspired, energised and pushed.

A 24-hours exclusive nature retreat, only you and I, in a beautiful setting with everything carefully prepared and designed for your individual leadership journey.

You are an executive, a mover-and-shaker or an individual powerhouse, needing to strengthen your powerful sense of eloquent immediacy and subtly grounded responsiveness in your utterances, your actions and your sheer presence.

I will be your skilled gardener of raw personality power, and the transformative blossoming of your individual capabilities. This 24-hours retreat is a direct, carefully curated session to guide you to plumb the vibrancy and depths of your own personality, strengths and resources – both in the still, quiet moments and in dynamic interaction with others. We will examine and conquer the deep wells of personal impact that’s visibly in synch with your entire personal ethos.

You are at the centre of everything you do – and leadership and personal credibility always starts with you.

One-on-one sessions with Roxana Kia

If you’re an ambitious decision-maker, top performer or a mover-and-shaker of the world; then exclusive sessions with Roxana Kia are the ideal way to amplify and strengthen your personal presence and performance impact – in communication and leadership.

You should confer with Roxana about the most reassuring and most effective way to deal with your particular situation. She’s known to be a transformational life-coach with a truly holistic approach.

Examples of common executive themes Roxana works with:

Become a high-impact communicator
When you’re a top performer, you’ll often be judged on the basis of your authenticity, your presence and your energy when speaking and communicating in public. You can radically improve your audience impact by improving your communication skills.

Roxana Kia takes you through a personalised boot camp designed to bring out your unique voice, radically increasing your authenticity and ability to engage.

  • Lead meetings that highly engage and motivate
  • Hold memorable presentations that inspire and lead to clear decisions and action
  • Communicate to create high-performance team spirit
  • Listen, not only to what staff, customers or the board say but to the potential behind the words
  • Radiate your energy to create a conscious impact
  • Establish a presence that’s magnetic

Establish leadership clarity – a purpose to lead

You’re a mover-and-shaker or an individual powerhouse. You’re keen to boost your personal impact, unique capabilities and confidence.

In times of rapid change and complex, volatile upheaval, having the capacity to lead from a clear inner standpoint is a true asset. This gives you a solid basis from which to stand out and have a unique, authentic impact with a high level of visible personal integrity.

Many people know what they do. They also know how they do it, but do they know why they do it? In the “why” lies the key to radical impact.

These sessions serve as a catalyst to help you break through to your deeper leadership purpose. You will understand how this translates into your personal behaviour and actions, and what you can begin to do to help alter and redirect this state of affairs. You move towards a vibrant personal resonance that propels you into recalibrating what you can achieve – in executive leadership, management or life.

Manage your energy to achieve resilience and effortless performance

You’re at the centre of everything you do – so a new mindset for business leadership, artistic or professional expression and personal wellbeing has to start with you.

You can’t airbrush your personality. It impacts everything and reverberates everywhere. Your personal energy and your innate capabilities are the real deciders of how you impact your surroundings.

Roxana Kia helps key people achieve the greatest possible impact with the least possible investment of energy, by applying her specialist know-how about energy and transformation to give you mastery over your personal energy resources and to tune your personal instrument for effortless performance.

She guides you into a field of carefully directed, self-aware energy management and custodianship designed to help you create an ideal balance of energies in your leadership practices, your “in the spotlight” appearances and your interpersonal implementation of your agendas.